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Roller Blinds Melbourne

The fashion conscious people of Melbourne look for not only practicality in their homes but also beauty. Renowned for its architecture and streetscapes, residents of the Victorian capital look for smart design in all aspects of the look of the home, down to the finest details. When it comes to window coverings the most versatile and contemporarily stylish option is roller blinds, and Victory Curtains and Blinds have one of the most comprehensive ranges available. Their products fulfil the functional brief of protecting the interior of Melbourne homes from sun glare and harmful UV rays, while adding to the aesthetic value of the home.

Latest features for Melbourne roller blinds

Available in a wide choice of fabrics, Victory Curtains and Blinds’ range of roller blinds come with a variety of accessories that give the home a stylish edge and compliment whatever décor and furnishings have been used to mould the desired look: powder coated brackets coordinate with the lifting mechanism and chain to offer a sleek effect; ultrasonically sealed edges prevent fraying and maintain the “as new” look for a long time; and an almond shaped bottom rail is resistant to bowing or twisting and gives a modern, minimalist finish.

Latest styles around Melbourne

Cosmopolitan Melbourne is a melting pot of architectural styles, with a host of genres of décor to match, but Victory Curtains and Blinds have roller blinds to suit every scenario. Neutral tones and a raw texture might be most appropriate in a heritage home in the Dandenong ranges, whereas an apartment in one of the innovatively designed city centre developments will be best matched by a gunmetal grey model with stainless steel edging – whatever the choice the company is one of Australia’s most experienced suppliers and its products are specifically designed for the country’s unique and harsh conditions, making their roller blinds Melbourne’s ideal window covering solution.

Kitchen Designs Melbourne

Cosmopolitan Melbourne is one of the world’s leading culinary centres. Its continual waves of immigrants from Europe, Asia and, more recently, South America and Africa, add to the cuisines we adopt as our own. For many years we thought these foods from around the world too exotic to cook ourselves, and went out to restaurants to sample them. Today, however, television, newspapers and magazines convince us that we can follow in the footsteps of our favourite chefs – who come from many different backgrounds – and we are becoming more adventurous in our own homes. Kitchen designs are becoming more complex at the same rate as our palates, as we need a wider range of ingredients and appliances to create our favourite dishes.

Choosing the right kitchen designer in Melbourne

As Melbourne offers so many activities for people of all ages and interests we are also becoming time-poor, and there is an increasing focus on families and friends sharing quality time together when we eat as it is one of the rare occasions we come together. Kitchen designs in Melbourne therefore needs to take this additional role the room plays into account, and incorporate ambience as well as functionality as factors to be considered. When planning a new or renovated kitchen, Melburnians require a supplier who will allow them plenty of input in the planning phase, so the finished room bears their own stamp: they also need their provider to be able to take control once the final kitchen design has been agreed upon, and arrange the work so the household can get on with their own lives.

Make the right choice for your kitchen designs

Drawing up detailed plans, ordering products and appliances and coordinating tradespeople are all important steps in successful Melbourne kitchen designs.It is vital we make the right choice in who we get to manage the project, so we can achieve the results we want in our new kitchen.