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Protect your home from direct sunlight with roller blinds

The recent heatwaves across southern Australia have reinforced the feeling that we are experiencing increasingly extreme weather events. They have also illustrated the pressure that these weather events bring to bear on our power infrastructure. Throughout this summer there have been regular power outages of a couple of hours to a day or more in regions across the country as air conditioning units have overloaded the system, struggling to bring temperatures inside millions of homes to bearable levels. At the individual level we need to do what we can to keep reduce the burden on the system. Protecting our homes from direct sunlight with effective roller blinds keeps the worst of the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays out of the home, the temperatures inside do not get as high as they otherwise would, and we therefore can cut out, or at least cut down on, using the air conditioning.

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Choose curtains for a traditional covering

There are a variety of options when considering window coverings today, but in many situations the traditional answer is still the best. Curtains offer a timeless elegance to the home, and come in such a wide range of fabrics, styles, colours and patterns that they can be matched to any existing décor and furnishings you have. Billowing curtains give a feeling of luxury and soften the lines of a room, making it appear larger. Features such as ornate rods and long tails can enhance the impression of “olde worlde” charm where required; monochrome designs and minimalist fittings give a contemporary edge when a modern look is being sought.

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Roller Blinds for Adelaide

Sitting in a low-lying area surrounded by hills on three sides and the ocean on the other, Adelaide traps heat and the city regularly experiences summer temperatures in the high thirties and low forties. With a badly denuded ozone layer sitting over southern Australia, these high temperatures are exacerbated by strong ultraviolet radiation and intense sun glare. Installation of roller blinds on their windows can help residents protect their families and maintain comfortable conditions in their homes. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer a wide range of roller blinds in a variety of fabrics and styles suitable for all types of home, from 19th century cottages in Burnside to high rise apartments in the CBD and Glenelg’s Italianate villas to the terraces of Norwood. The various accessories available with their roller blinds, such as almond-shaped bottom rails and powder-coated brackets which both lend a stylish finish, ensure they have a model to match any décor.       

Other ways roller blinds can benefit Adelaide residents

Victory Curtains and Blinds not only manufacture roller blinds suited to Australia’s unique conditions, but also do so in a way that looks after its unique environment. They use low VOC fabrics, which minimises the number of chemicals released into the atmosphere during the production process – VOCs being volatile organic compounds. And once installed their roller blinds contribute to reduced energy usage, and therefore emissions reduction, so Victory Curtains and Blinds are benefitting Adelaide and its surroundings now and into the future. Closing blinds during hot weather reflects the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing our reliance on cooling systems. In the winter months, when temperatures in Adelaide often come down to single figures, roller blinds can be angled during the day to let in as much sunlight as possible, then closed at night to keep the latent heat inside the home.

Roller Blinds for Brisbane

Tropical Queensland sees average summer temperatures of thirty degrees, with numerous individual days well above that, and often into the low forties. Allied to the strong sun glare and very high ultraviolet levels prevalent in the region, these often harsh conditions mean inhabitants of the state capital Brisbane need to protect the interior of their homes. Deploying roller blinds as window coverings is an effective, energy efficient way of keeping the home comfortable, preventing the fading of internal furnishings, protecting the family from the health hazards presented by UV rays and reducing the amount of time air conditioning is required to maintain bearable temperatures. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer a wide range of roller blinds in a variety of finishes, from contemporary gunmetal grey to neutral tones, to suit the many styles of architecture and décor that make up Brisbane’s housing stocks.

Keep out Brisbane sun with roller blinds

As well looking fantastic in your home, Victory Curtains and Blind’s roller blinds effectively fulfil their primary role of reflecting the worst of the heat and sun glare. Made of non-flammable material they are easy to clean and will not buckle or distort however high the mercury might rise. their roller blinds are engineered to be durable, and this is backed up by their five year warranty. They are resistant to mould and mildew, which is of particular importance in the very hot and damp conditions Brisbane experiences – humidity in the city regular exceeds seventy percent. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer their customers in Brisbane roller blinds that are either manually operated or motorised, so there is a model most suitable for windows of different sizes and accessibilities. The manual versions have metal chains that are stronger than plastic and do not break down in the heat.