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Protect Your Home with Cafe Blinds

Enjoy the Australian Scenery through Ingenious Café Blinds

Nowadays, modern living and working spaces are contoured around the majestic Australian scenery. Homes and office buildings are built with an appreciation of the beautiful outdoors. As such, integrating the outside into overall architectural plans is becoming a popular trend in home and building construction. This trend is creating outdoor spaces with balconies, porches, outdoor dining areas, outdoor kitchens, etc. The grandeur of rugged mountain terrains, calming seaside beaches, landscaped gardens and bright busy city lights and skylines are seamlessly streamlined into modern architectural designs. Continue reading

Elegant Curtains and Drapes Equal a Price Uptick


For individuals looking to increase the value of their home for the purposes of selling in a tough market, conventional wisdom (read: the current market) suggests that it’s always a smart move to remodel. However, when homeowners hear that word, their minds instantly turn to the expensive items like stainless steel appliances, marble and granite countertops, and complete structural overhauls.

While buyers do appreciate fancy, expensive upgrades, they’re also looking for style and class. So, if you don’t have the thousands it will cost to completely remodel the home, think about some elegant curtains and drapes to really boost the value of the property.

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The History of Roller Blinds

Scotland and Holland, the inventors of roller blinds

The first recorded mention of roller blinds was a patent filed in Scotland in the early 1700s, though in reality the product was a collaboration of not just one but two European countries. The fabric was a linen made in Holland that was originally used to make theatre curtains – Scottish inventor James Louis Robertson realised the properties that made the linen suitable for its original purpose would transfer ideally as a window covering. These early models, known as Scotch Holland roller blinds due to their origin, did not have a spring mechanism – the fabric sat in folds on the window sill and was pulled up to cover the window with a cord attached to a bar above it. This first roller blind had a wooden rod sewn into the bottom to help it hang straight, and the whole contraption was fixed to the window frame with brass fittings.

America advances the roller blind

A spring was not incorporated into the design of roller blinds until the following century and, like so many technological advances of those times, it was the Americans who came up with the idea. The Stewart Hartshorn Company had been making the cruder, spring-less models for many years when the son of the company’s founder, also called Stewart, introduced the ratchet and gravity pawl into the design. This was the first example of a roller blind as we would recognise it today. The company marketed their ‘spring roller window shades’, as they called them then, from their New York factory with a choice of three different colours, the patent for the design being lodged in 1864. After some initial scepticism about the spring-loaded mechanism – it was one of their first applications in a domestic device, and was treated with a degree of fear by many – the design gained popularity across the United States.

Extend the life of your Awnings

Australia’s long summers with many hours of bright sunshine are regarded with great envy in many parts of the world, and contribute to our reputation as a healthy, outdoorsy kind of country. The very hot temperatures and extended periods of direct sunlight do bring risks, however, and we need to protect our homes and families from over-exposure to them. Awnings are a great help in offering this protection, keeping sun glare from our windows. Large folding arm awnings add to our living space, enabling us to be outside but sheltered from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

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Protect your home from direct sunlight with roller blinds

The recent heatwaves across southern Australia have reinforced the feeling that we are experiencing increasingly extreme weather events. They have also illustrated the pressure that these weather events bring to bear on our power infrastructure. Throughout this summer there have been regular power outages of a couple of hours to a day or more in regions across the country as air conditioning units have overloaded the system, struggling to bring temperatures inside millions of homes to bearable levels. At the individual level we need to do what we can to keep reduce the burden on the system. Protecting our homes from direct sunlight with effective roller blinds keeps the worst of the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays out of the home, the temperatures inside do not get as high as they otherwise would, and we therefore can cut out, or at least cut down on, using the air conditioning.

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Choose curtains for a traditional covering

There are a variety of options when considering window coverings today, but in many situations the traditional answer is still the best. Curtains offer a timeless elegance to the home, and come in such a wide range of fabrics, styles, colours and patterns that they can be matched to any existing décor and furnishings you have. Billowing curtains give a feeling of luxury and soften the lines of a room, making it appear larger. Features such as ornate rods and long tails can enhance the impression of “olde worlde” charm where required; monochrome designs and minimalist fittings give a contemporary edge when a modern look is being sought.

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Roller Blinds for Brisbane

Tropical Queensland sees average summer temperatures of thirty degrees, with numerous individual days well above that, and often into the low forties. Allied to the strong sun glare and very high ultraviolet levels prevalent in the region, these often harsh conditions mean inhabitants of the state capital Brisbane need to protect the interior of their homes. Deploying roller blinds as window coverings is an effective, energy efficient way of keeping the home comfortable, preventing the fading of internal furnishings, protecting the family from the health hazards presented by UV rays and reducing the amount of time air conditioning is required to maintain bearable temperatures. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer a wide range of roller blinds in a variety of finishes, from contemporary gunmetal grey to neutral tones, to suit the many styles of architecture and décor that make up Brisbane’s housing stocks.

Keep out Brisbane sun with roller blinds

As well looking fantastic in your home, Victory Curtains and Blind’s roller blinds effectively fulfil their primary role of reflecting the worst of the heat and sun glare. Made of non-flammable material they are easy to clean and will not buckle or distort however high the mercury might rise. their roller blinds are engineered to be durable, and this is backed up by their five year warranty. They are resistant to mould and mildew, which is of particular importance in the very hot and damp conditions Brisbane experiences – humidity in the city regular exceeds seventy percent. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer their customers in Brisbane roller blinds that are either manually operated or motorised, so there is a model most suitable for windows of different sizes and accessibilities. The manual versions have metal chains that are stronger than plastic and do not break down in the heat.

Roller Blinds Melbourne

The fashion conscious people of Melbourne look for not only practicality in their homes but also beauty. Renowned for its architecture and streetscapes, residents of the Victorian capital look for smart design in all aspects of the look of the home, down to the finest details. When it comes to window coverings the most versatile and contemporarily stylish option is roller blinds, and Victory Curtains and Blinds have one of the most comprehensive ranges available. Their products fulfil the functional brief of protecting the interior of Melbourne homes from sun glare and harmful UV rays, while adding to the aesthetic value of the home.

Latest features for Melbourne roller blinds

Available in a wide choice of fabrics, Victory Curtains and Blinds’ range of roller blinds come with a variety of accessories that give the home a stylish edge and compliment whatever décor and furnishings have been used to mould the desired look: powder coated brackets coordinate with the lifting mechanism and chain to offer a sleek effect; ultrasonically sealed edges prevent fraying and maintain the “as new” look for a long time; and an almond shaped bottom rail is resistant to bowing or twisting and gives a modern, minimalist finish.

Latest styles around Melbourne

Cosmopolitan Melbourne is a melting pot of architectural styles, with a host of genres of décor to match, but Victory Curtains and Blinds have roller blinds to suit every scenario. Neutral tones and a raw texture might be most appropriate in a heritage home in the Dandenong ranges, whereas an apartment in one of the innovatively designed city centre developments will be best matched by a gunmetal grey model with stainless steel edging – whatever the choice the company is one of Australia’s most experienced suppliers and its products are specifically designed for the country’s unique and harsh conditions, making their roller blinds Melbourne’s ideal window covering solution.

Roller Blinds Adelaide

With its wide open boulevards, ring of parkland around the city centre and moniker of “the city of churches”, Adelaide prides itself on its appearance. Its house-proud residents reflect the municipal aesthetic with the care and attention they take in decorating their own homes. Seeking to compliment the appearance of their fixtures and fittings with environmentally friendly and practical products, many are turning to roller blinds for their window coverings. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, so they can be matched with almost any genre of décor, their look and function can be enhanced with colour coordinated accessories and bottom rails. There are a number of variations on the theme available to householders in Adelaide, with sheerview – a combination of a traditional venetian and a roller blind – the most innovative. This system provides excellent insulation, keeping rooms warm in the winter, and cuts out sun glare and harmful UV rays in the summer. Operated by cord, these advanced roller blinds give the people of Adelaide fingertip control over the volume of light coming into the room, and are sturdy and durable despite their delicate appearance.

Roller blinds ideally suited to Adelaide’s diverse climate and style

In a city with as diverse a climate as Adelaide’s dual roller blinds can be very useful. The first layer is a translucent one that lets in some light, cannot be seen through from the outside, giving the household privacy, but affords a view from the inside. This can be used in isolation in the cold winter, and early morning and evening in the summer, when it is desirable to get some heat and light into the home. A secondary blockout blind can be deployed in conjunction with the first, in the middle of summer days to keep out direct heat and sun glare, and on winter nights to retain the latent heat in the room and ensure complete privacy.

Adelaide Curtains and Drapes

Sitting on a tree-covered plain below rolling hills and bordered on one side by stunning beaches, Adelaide is home to over a million people. Ranked as the “most liveable city” in the country by the Property Council of Australia for the last three years, the residents of Adelaide are justifiably proud of where they live, and the wish to present an attractive face is reflected in their homes. There is a lot of heritage housing stock in the region, and therefore traditional furnishing is de rigueur: luxurious, billowing curtains add a timeless grace to such homes, enhanced by features such as decorator rods and ornate pelmets. In the more modern homes, particularly units in and around the city centre, features like panel drapes are ideal for large windows and sliding doors onto balconies. They can be customised to incorporate different styles and colours on the one track, and can be operated by a wand or cord.

Why do Adelaide residents need curtains and drapes?

As well as adding to the ambience, curtains and drapes help the people of Adelaide regulate the temperature of their homes. Surrounded by hills, Adelaide is in a sun trap that leads to very high summer temperatures. Curtains can be kept closed to prevent sun glare and reflect heat, reducing the need for artificial cooling. The city’s geographical location also leads to some extreme winter weather – with no landmass between it and Antarctica, storms roll in across the Southern Ocean. Heavy drapes provide a layer of insulation between windows and the rest of the room, keeping heat in and acting as a buffer against the cold air from outside, meaning lower use of heating appliances. These temperature regulating features mean curtains and drapes in Adelaide positively impact on the city’s environment, reducing emissions from air conditioning and central heating units.