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Feeling the Warmth with Hydronic Floor Heating

Toy house surrounded by snowEvery homeowner’s goal in turning a typical house into a comfortable home is being able to kick off their shoes comfortably in their four-walled enclosure. A safe, effective and versatile source of heat that delivers consistent warmth is a key element in creating a relaxing environment. The growing trend is turning to hydronic floor heating as an effective approach to achieve this goal. Continue reading

Why Purchasing Blinds for Your Home Is the Perfect Home Improvement Idea

There are a large amount of home improvement options that are out in the market. As a  consumer, finding the best fixture to use in a residential space can seem like daunting task. Before you decide to purchase a fixture, you need to find something that offers you a degree of versatility without becoming too prohibitive in terms of cost. Continue reading

Protect Your Home with Cafe Blinds

Enjoy the Australian Scenery through Ingenious Café Blinds

Nowadays, modern living and working spaces are contoured around the majestic Australian scenery. Homes and office buildings are built with an appreciation of the beautiful outdoors. As such, integrating the outside into overall architectural plans is becoming a popular trend in home and building construction. This trend is creating outdoor spaces with balconies, porches, outdoor dining areas, outdoor kitchens, etc. The grandeur of rugged mountain terrains, calming seaside beaches, landscaped gardens and bright busy city lights and skylines are seamlessly streamlined into modern architectural designs. Continue reading

Elegant Curtains and Drapes Equal a Price Uptick


For individuals looking to increase the value of their home for the purposes of selling in a tough market, conventional wisdom (read: the current market) suggests that it’s always a smart move to remodel. However, when homeowners hear that word, their minds instantly turn to the expensive items like stainless steel appliances, marble and granite countertops, and complete structural overhauls.

While buyers do appreciate fancy, expensive upgrades, they’re also looking for style and class. So, if you don’t have the thousands it will cost to completely remodel the home, think about some elegant curtains and drapes to really boost the value of the property.

Continue reading

Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Laundry Renovation Checklist

It is easy to ignore the laundry as it is invariably the smallest room in the home. Doing an effective laundry renovation in Melbourne, however, can significantly improve your quality of life by streamlining tasks that have to be done day in and day out. It is worth considering the following points so your renovation has as positive an impact as possible:

  1. Are the appliances I have chosen of a good enough size and quality to handle the amount and frequency of washing my family creates? And are those appliances energy-efficient models, which can ultimately save money through a reduction in ongoing operating costs?
  2. Will my laundry renovation give me sufficient space for loading and unloading the washing machine and for folding clean clothes? And will it also have enough room for drying clothes indoors in wet weather?
  3. Does the design incorporate enough storage space for an iron, ironing board, drying rack, detergents and the rest of the household cleaning materials? All these items should be able to be stored out of sight but in an easy-to-find and easy-to-retrieve location as they are required on a regular basis.
  4. Is there going to be a reasonable level of venting when the renovation is complete? A laundry generates a lot of heat, especially when an electric dryer is in use, so particular attention needs to be paid to allowing air to flow around the room and be extracted.
  5. Can the walls and floors handle getting wet without staining or causing a musty smell? Doing the washing produces lots of condensation and inevitably the occasional spill and splash, so all the surfaces need to be non-porous and easily rinsed and dried.

Addressing the above issues will result in your Melbourne laundry renovation giving you a highly functional space that makes life easier and is pleasant to work in.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations Checklist

Undertaking a renovation of your Melbourne kitchen is a big project that requires plenty of forethought and planning. Ask yourself the following questions so your kitchen renovation delivers the simplification of day-to-day chores and enhancement to the look and feel of your home that a successful job can bring:

  1. What am I trying to achieve? Are you just trying to enhance the selling value of your home? Do you want to make better use of the space in your home? Or are you looking for increased functionality from diverse and advanced appliances? Often people will do a kitchen renovation without having a specific aim, if you target what you want to achieve the end result will have a greater impact.
  2. Which bench tops should I choose? There is a wide variety of surfaces available in Melbourne, each of which gives a different look. You should research the practicality and durability of options such as laminate, marble, stainless steel, granite and stone so your choice best suits your requirements.
  3. Have you decided on a comprehensive list of appliances? You will invariably factor the major appliances such as fridge freezers and rangehoods into the initial plan, but it’s easy to forget smaller things like toasters and coffee machines until afterwards. Planning for them in advance will lead to a less cluttered, more user-friendly space in which to work.
  4. How do I want to light my renovated kitchen? Under-cabinet lighting gives a softer look and directly illuminates bench tops; LED downlights in the ceiling are very energy-efficient and illuminate the whole room. Decide on the look you want, and how that fits in with adjacent rooms.
  5. Am I using a reputable firm? Hiring one of Melbourne’s reputable kitchen renovation contractors will ensure all the work is of the highest quality and completed in accordance with safety and compliance regulations.

Roller Blinds for Adelaide

Sitting in a low-lying area surrounded by hills on three sides and the ocean on the other, Adelaide traps heat and the city regularly experiences summer temperatures in the high thirties and low forties. With a badly denuded ozone layer sitting over southern Australia, these high temperatures are exacerbated by strong ultraviolet radiation and intense sun glare. Installation of roller blinds on their windows can help residents protect their families and maintain comfortable conditions in their homes. Victory Curtains and Blinds offer a wide range of roller blinds in a variety of fabrics and styles suitable for all types of home, from 19th century cottages in Burnside to high rise apartments in the CBD and Glenelg’s Italianate villas to the terraces of Norwood. The various accessories available with their roller blinds, such as almond-shaped bottom rails and powder-coated brackets which both lend a stylish finish, ensure they have a model to match any décor.       

Other ways roller blinds can benefit Adelaide residents

Victory Curtains and Blinds not only manufacture roller blinds suited to Australia’s unique conditions, but also do so in a way that looks after its unique environment. They use low VOC fabrics, which minimises the number of chemicals released into the atmosphere during the production process – VOCs being volatile organic compounds. And once installed their roller blinds contribute to reduced energy usage, and therefore emissions reduction, so Victory Curtains and Blinds are benefitting Adelaide and its surroundings now and into the future. Closing blinds during hot weather reflects the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing our reliance on cooling systems. In the winter months, when temperatures in Adelaide often come down to single figures, roller blinds can be angled during the day to let in as much sunlight as possible, then closed at night to keep the latent heat inside the home.

Kitchen Designs Melbourne

Cosmopolitan Melbourne is one of the world’s leading culinary centres. Its continual waves of immigrants from Europe, Asia and, more recently, South America and Africa, add to the cuisines we adopt as our own. For many years we thought these foods from around the world too exotic to cook ourselves, and went out to restaurants to sample them. Today, however, television, newspapers and magazines convince us that we can follow in the footsteps of our favourite chefs – who come from many different backgrounds – and we are becoming more adventurous in our own homes. Kitchen designs are becoming more complex at the same rate as our palates, as we need a wider range of ingredients and appliances to create our favourite dishes.

Choosing the right kitchen designer in Melbourne

As Melbourne offers so many activities for people of all ages and interests we are also becoming time-poor, and there is an increasing focus on families and friends sharing quality time together when we eat as it is one of the rare occasions we come together. Kitchen designs in Melbourne therefore needs to take this additional role the room plays into account, and incorporate ambience as well as functionality as factors to be considered. When planning a new or renovated kitchen, Melburnians require a supplier who will allow them plenty of input in the planning phase, so the finished room bears their own stamp: they also need their provider to be able to take control once the final kitchen design has been agreed upon, and arrange the work so the household can get on with their own lives.

Make the right choice for your kitchen designs

Drawing up detailed plans, ordering products and appliances and coordinating tradespeople are all important steps in successful Melbourne kitchen designs.It is vital we make the right choice in who we get to manage the project, so we can achieve the results we want in our new kitchen.

Kitchen Designs Melbourne

Successive waves of immigrants have made the cuisines of their original homelands staples in Melbourne. As home to residents born in over 150 different countries, the city’s housing stock needs a kitchen with designs to enable preparation of foods from around the world. And the time demands of modern life mean families and friends have less free time to sit back and talk to each other, so the areas we prepare and consume our meals have become the focal point of the home. Melbourne kitchen designers are responsible therefore the not just for the designs of a practical cooking space, but one that a greater significance to the household.

Technological advances in Melbourne Kitchen Designs

Technological advances and the plethora of gadgets and time-saving devices now available to cooks have added layers of intricacy to kitchen designs in Melbourne. The process needs to take into account the practicalities of storing and easily retrieving utensils and ingredients, while at the same time paying heed to the atmosphere of conviviality that is so important now this room has become the place people come together most often. This is best achieved with a truly consultative process in which the wishes of the customer are realised by a supplier with years of experience and a high level of expertise.

Melbourne kitchen design draws on a wide range of influences

The range of products and styles available in Melbourne matches its polyglot population, with options from across Europe and Asia. German or Italian appliances can be married with décor with origins in Bali or Japan, in addition to the quality local goods and styles, giving customers a wealth of option for the designs of their kitchen. A look complimentary to the rest of the home and a selection from the full range of products on the market lead to a Melbourne kitchen designed with the best interests, of both those who cook and those who consume, in mind.

Melbourne Bathroom Renovations

As the housing market has become tighter and more competitive in the last couple of years in Melbourne, people are looking to put as much added value as possible into their properties. Any slight edge over similar sized homes can be the difference between a ‘sold’ sign going up or ‘passed in’ appearing in the newspaper. Buyers, with plenty of options, are looking for that little something extra special to sway their decision. Professional bathroom renovations can make all the difference, a well-designed haven of relaxation and a unique selling point over a purely functional space.

Potential issues with Melbourne bathroom renovations

The issue is that bathroom renovations is a time-consuming project which involves a host of different tradespeople – plumbers, electricians, plasterers and tilers are all required to make a decent job of it. The people of Melbourne lead busy lives and do not have time to take on such a sizeable task themselves, so invariably look for a reliable, skilled bathroom renovator to manage the project for them. They can organise all the relevant workers, and supervise them when they are in the home, while still involving the customer in the planning process and selection of products – of which design and technology hub Melbourne has such a wide choice – so the project results in a room uniquely tailored to the homeowner’s circumstances and taste.

Choose an experience Melbourne bathroom renovator

By choosing an experienced supplier with a proven track record in bathroom renovations, residents of Melbourne can give themselves peace of mind that the work will supervised to ensure each task is completed to the highest standard, and that the relevant plumbing and electrical certificates will be provided on completion. They can then simply sit, or lie, back and enjoy the results of their Melbourne bathroom renovations having enhanced their daily lives and added value to their home.