Protect Your Home with Cafe Blinds

Enjoy the Australian Scenery through Ingenious Café Blinds

Nowadays, modern living and working spaces are contoured around the majestic Australian scenery. Homes and office buildings are built with an appreciation of the beautiful outdoors. As such, integrating the outside into overall architectural plans is becoming a popular trend in home and building construction. This trend is creating outdoor spaces with balconies, porches, outdoor dining areas, outdoor kitchens, etc. The grandeur of rugged mountain terrains, calming seaside beaches, landscaped gardens and bright busy city lights and skylines are seamlessly streamlined into modern architectural designs. Continue reading

Elegant Curtains and Drapes Equal a Price Uptick


For individuals looking to increase the value of their home for the purposes of selling in a tough market, conventional wisdom (read: the current market) suggests that it’s always a smart move to remodel. However, when homeowners hear that word, their minds instantly turn to the expensive items like stainless steel appliances, marble and granite countertops, and complete structural overhauls.

While buyers do appreciate fancy, expensive upgrades, they’re also looking for style and class. So, if you don’t have the thousands it will cost to completely remodel the home, think about some elegant curtains and drapes to really boost the value of the property.

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Road Repair

Road repair helps bring a struggling community together and the methods we can do to avoid further road failure.

Man conducting in Road Repair

The links between the economic health of a community and the quality of its social bonds are becoming increasingly clear. An efficient transportation system is of vital importance for the development of a community. A good maintained road with routine road maintenance and road repairs will also enhance poverty reduction by improving access between regional and rural communities and, ultimately, enhancing socio-economic growth and development. This includes both the public and the private sector, which will again prepare a good basis for a community’s value increase. It is therefore an imperative for all countries to have a transport policy, which will secure public services and encourage road repairs or road maintenance in all parts of the country. In such a policy it is especially important to take care of the investment the roads represent and repair them well and by that also increase the traffic safety.

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The History of Roller Blinds

Scotland and Holland, the inventors of roller blinds

The first recorded mention of roller blinds was a patent filed in Scotland in the early 1700s, though in reality the product was a collaboration of not just one but two European countries. The fabric was a linen made in Holland that was originally used to make theatre curtains – Scottish inventor James Louis Robertson realised the properties that made the linen suitable for its original purpose would transfer ideally as a window covering. These early models, known as Scotch Holland roller blinds due to their origin, did not have a spring mechanism – the fabric sat in folds on the window sill and was pulled up to cover the window with a cord attached to a bar above it. This first roller blind had a wooden rod sewn into the bottom to help it hang straight, and the whole contraption was fixed to the window frame with brass fittings.

America advances the roller blind

A spring was not incorporated into the design of roller blinds until the following century and, like so many technological advances of those times, it was the Americans who came up with the idea. The Stewart Hartshorn Company had been making the cruder, spring-less models for many years when the son of the company’s founder, also called Stewart, introduced the ratchet and gravity pawl into the design. This was the first example of a roller blind as we would recognise it today. The company marketed their ‘spring roller window shades’, as they called them then, from their New York factory with a choice of three different colours, the patent for the design being lodged in 1864. After some initial scepticism about the spring-loaded mechanism – it was one of their first applications in a domestic device, and was treated with a degree of fear by many – the design gained popularity across the United States.

Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Laundry Renovation Checklist

It is easy to ignore the laundry as it is invariably the smallest room in the home. Doing an effective laundry renovation in Melbourne, however, can significantly improve your quality of life by streamlining tasks that have to be done day in and day out. It is worth considering the following points so your renovation has as positive an impact as possible:

  1. Are the appliances I have chosen of a good enough size and quality to handle the amount and frequency of washing my family creates? And are those appliances energy-efficient models, which can ultimately save money through a reduction in ongoing operating costs?
  2. Will my laundry renovation give me sufficient space for loading and unloading the washing machine and for folding clean clothes? And will it also have enough room for drying clothes indoors in wet weather?
  3. Does the design incorporate enough storage space for an iron, ironing board, drying rack, detergents and the rest of the household cleaning materials? All these items should be able to be stored out of sight but in an easy-to-find and easy-to-retrieve location as they are required on a regular basis.
  4. Is there going to be a reasonable level of venting when the renovation is complete? A laundry generates a lot of heat, especially when an electric dryer is in use, so particular attention needs to be paid to allowing air to flow around the room and be extracted.
  5. Can the walls and floors handle getting wet without staining or causing a musty smell? Doing the washing produces lots of condensation and inevitably the occasional spill and splash, so all the surfaces need to be non-porous and easily rinsed and dried.

Addressing the above issues will result in your Melbourne laundry renovation giving you a highly functional space that makes life easier and is pleasant to work in.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations Checklist

Undertaking a renovation of your Melbourne kitchen is a big project that requires plenty of forethought and planning. Ask yourself the following questions so your kitchen renovation delivers the simplification of day-to-day chores and enhancement to the look and feel of your home that a successful job can bring:

  1. What am I trying to achieve? Are you just trying to enhance the selling value of your home? Do you want to make better use of the space in your home? Or are you looking for increased functionality from diverse and advanced appliances? Often people will do a kitchen renovation without having a specific aim, if you target what you want to achieve the end result will have a greater impact.
  2. Which bench tops should I choose? There is a wide variety of surfaces available in Melbourne, each of which gives a different look. You should research the practicality and durability of options such as laminate, marble, stainless steel, granite and stone so your choice best suits your requirements.
  3. Have you decided on a comprehensive list of appliances? You will invariably factor the major appliances such as fridge freezers and rangehoods into the initial plan, but it’s easy to forget smaller things like toasters and coffee machines until afterwards. Planning for them in advance will lead to a less cluttered, more user-friendly space in which to work.
  4. How do I want to light my renovated kitchen? Under-cabinet lighting gives a softer look and directly illuminates bench tops; LED downlights in the ceiling are very energy-efficient and illuminate the whole room. Decide on the look you want, and how that fits in with adjacent rooms.
  5. Am I using a reputable firm? Hiring one of Melbourne’s reputable kitchen renovation contractors will ensure all the work is of the highest quality and completed in accordance with safety and compliance regulations.

Extend the life of your Awnings

Australia’s long summers with many hours of bright sunshine are regarded with great envy in many parts of the world, and contribute to our reputation as a healthy, outdoorsy kind of country. The very hot temperatures and extended periods of direct sunlight do bring risks, however, and we need to protect our homes and families from over-exposure to them. Awnings are a great help in offering this protection, keeping sun glare from our windows. Large folding arm awnings add to our living space, enabling us to be outside but sheltered from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

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Protect your home from direct sunlight with roller blinds

The recent heatwaves across southern Australia have reinforced the feeling that we are experiencing increasingly extreme weather events. They have also illustrated the pressure that these weather events bring to bear on our power infrastructure. Throughout this summer there have been regular power outages of a couple of hours to a day or more in regions across the country as air conditioning units have overloaded the system, struggling to bring temperatures inside millions of homes to bearable levels. At the individual level we need to do what we can to keep reduce the burden on the system. Protecting our homes from direct sunlight with effective roller blinds keeps the worst of the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays out of the home, the temperatures inside do not get as high as they otherwise would, and we therefore can cut out, or at least cut down on, using the air conditioning.

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Choose curtains for a traditional covering

There are a variety of options when considering window coverings today, but in many situations the traditional answer is still the best. Curtains offer a timeless elegance to the home, and come in such a wide range of fabrics, styles, colours and patterns that they can be matched to any existing décor and furnishings you have. Billowing curtains give a feeling of luxury and soften the lines of a room, making it appear larger. Features such as ornate rods and long tails can enhance the impression of “olde worlde” charm where required; monochrome designs and minimalist fittings give a contemporary edge when a modern look is being sought.

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